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Welcome to Bulls Eye Paint-Ball Arena

Bulls Eye has been expanding its reach yet remained focused on offering global standard quality sporting to people of all agaes at an affordable price. Our critical success factor is the unyielding performance made possible by our qualified and dedicated sports and health specialists.

As a result of the solid services provided to our clients and or guests through our ever-improving activity routine, we're very proud to say that Bulls Eye clients go on to recommend us to other people and institutions within and beyond the shores of Nigeria. We are indeed a rare privilege to be a part of their health/life stories.

Bulls Eye Paint-Ball

To grow PaintBall Sport into a Global League.

To help people of all ages keep fit in a healthy and fun way.

Make sure you inquire for the right gear that would aid you to have optimal fun.

This sport is a mix of many body exercise activities which keep you in motion with the aim of maintaining physical fitness and overall health and wellness.

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IMPORTANT! Read Paintball Liability Waiver; Please ensure you read, understand and agree to the Paintball Liability Waiver. You can find it under the 'Inquiries & Booking' Button at the Top, and also at the Side menu.    CASH PRIZE TOURNAMENT Upcoming; Paintball at LSP is proud to announce that we'd be having A CASH PRIZE TOURNAMENT in July 2018. Stay updated to ensure you get the exact date.    

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